Israele 18 dicembre 2018
The General Secretary is yesterday in Tel Aviv with a Ugl delegation – composed of Confederal Secretary Daniela Ballico, Ciscos President Patrizia Del Ninno, Ugl Gianluigi Ferretti’s head of international relations and Ugl’s institutional relations manager Rome, Stefano Andrini – where he visited Beith Italy. Founded in 1958 and led by the women of the ADEI association, the center “deals with – explained Capone – the young people of the neighborhood with fun and educational activities aimed at helping the most socially disadvantaged families.

A music school center and a martial arts gymnasium classrooms are a part of the multi services Centre where you can find an area used as an artistic laboratory and art gallery and computer rooms (one of which has been placed thanks to Ugl contribution).

An interesting example of voluntary activity aimed at the integration of Christian, Muslim and Jewish children of different ethnic groups “.

Furthermore in agenda a pleasant meeting at the Italian Embassy with the Head of Mission, Gianmarco Macchia, to illustrate the details of our mission in Israel and to analyze the social status and economy of the country. A long meeting – underlined Capone – that allowed us to underline the conditions of the Italian community present and the opportunities for our investment entrepreneurs especially on the technological sectors in which the Italian manufacturing capacity is perfectly complementary to the lack of Israeli industrial plants and the great capacity for innovation “.

Afterwards a visit to the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Israel for a discussion on the theme of the development of entrepreneurial and commercial relationships.