We are satisfied with a provision that incorporates our pre-election proposals delivered to the parties, especially center-right, and the positive reactions through the work done by the Ministry of Labor with Undersecretary Claudio Durigon. It is the beginning of the deconstruction of the Fornero law; we can not work untill 70 years with the necessary means and forces. Is a first goal aimed at returning to a sustainable social exercise .

So the Ugl secretary general, Paolo Capone, hosted to Rainews24 about Quota 100. Now the goal according to Capone is to “get to quota 41. At the end of the three years the workers of those who today have reached quota 100 will be exhausted. In 3 years we could reach for everyone at a QUOTA 41, with respect to which to retire automatically for an audience of about 1 million people “.