Labour centrality is the starting point to reinforce the role that “Made in Italy” – a distinctive element of our offer – has as a natural “relations facilitator” hub .

The THINK TANK aims to protect and improvement jobs, workers and labor rights. Making this happen mean market research and a continuos international confront supporting challenges of a changing economy through investment in research, international and business relations.

With the utmost respect for institutions and roles, the aim is to raise awareness by helping the connections to attract investments in Italy or by contributing to the internationalization of Italian companies abroad. The mutant international context needs to be carefully observed so that even Italy – one of the major trading partner in the world – can graft a “virtuous circle” of initiatives between University, Entrepreneurs and Investors with a continuous training that support the evolution of a system able to anticipate and interpret the times and the challenges that the market offers us for a workplace with much more balance between flexiblity and rights.